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MRS Gunma

For a fun, wellness and carefree vacation in the heart of Japan.

Gunma, the prefecture in the center of the main island of Honshu ~ encircled by magestic mountains ~ the hub of Japanese art, onsen spas, sacred sites and adventure sports & nature experiences. 

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MRS Gunma Vacations

⛩   MRS Gunma Cultural Experiences  ⛩

~ Enter the Heart of Japan ~

Dare to Deviate from the Well-trodden

"Golden Route of Japan" Tour Path

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Experiences conducted in English, French and Japanese

Renée is fluent in all three languages and adept at interpreting so guests

can get to know Japanese locals in a natural way.

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Experience a luxurious and historical stay at a luxury, historic vacation home and have a dream vacation in the heart of Japan. MRS Gunma offers one-of-a-kind cultural experiences for expats and inbound guests to Japan. Gunma, just 2 hours north of Tokyo (one hour by Shinkansen), boasts some of Japan’s most scenic mountain views, healing natural hot springs, spiritual and historical sites, and an abundance of fruits and the lowest costs in Japan. Your guide, Renée, combines her native California love of nature and adventure with her personal connections with Japanese that took decades to build.


Your Choice of Two Luxury Vacation Homes

Kiyomizu House, in the historic region of Misato, Takasaki. Nestled between two historic sites, a Kyoto-style garden and thatched-roof watermill, this castle-sized home played a pivital part in the history of Japan's industrial revolution through it's role as a home for silk production. Walk to a hot spring spa, river, lake and parks while gazing at Gunma's infamous Fuji-shaped Mt Haruna.

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Mitsuba House, a glorious vacation home in the onsen town of Isobe in Annaka where the original icon for hot springs originated over 400 years ago. With stunning views of Mt. Miyogi, ranked in the top three picturesque views in Japan, from the home and yard, you will feel like royalty in this luxury home.

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MRS Gunma Heritage Homes in the Heart of Japan  ❤️

~ Kiyomizu & Mitsuba House: Vacation Homes in Castle & Onsen Towns ~


For many Japanese guests, walking into Kiyomizu House brings back a flood of memories of their grandparents’ home. They feel the comfort of the traditional design and warmth of the homestyle hospitality. 

The reaction of guests as they enter Mitsuba House is awe at the spacious feel of a luxury Japanese inn that they have all to themselves.

Spread out and socialize in these massive homes, or BBQ rain or shine under the covered terrace while enjoying mountain views and lush greenery.

With our language and guide support, you can have the best of both worlds: Private lodging with bespoke vacation planning and service. Cultural experiences and sightseeing spots abound. Enjoy Japan your way. 

As an American/Japanese couple, we welcome you warmly to our homes in Gunma!


Kiyomizu House (Misato Onsen & Minowa Castle Town, Takasaki, Gunma) Max 16 guests

Mitsuba House (Isobe Onsen & Mt Miyogi area, Annaka, Gunma) Max 12 guests

Lodging fees: 40,000JPY/group (1-4 guests), 10,000JPY per extra guest (Tax, cleaning fees, lodging amenities, parking, WiFi, BBQ & cooking equipment included)

Extra fees for meals, transportation, cultural experiences and guide services. Please inquire.


Introducing your host & guide, Renée 


An expert in wellness and eco tourism, Renée’s guiding style provides just enough information for her guests to feel connected with the people and culture of the region they are visiting, while allowing them the time and space to really seep into their experience and feel the joy of being there. 


Her gentle, yet knowledgeable guiding abilities are thanks to her many years of experience in Japan as ...

  • A wife, mom and friend who values natural living

  • A scholar and teacher who focuses on intercultural understanding, language learning, and tourism & hospitality

  • A therapist who cares deeply about the well-being of her clients

  • A volunteer who has disseminated information about and helped preserve the silk history of Gunma


She welcomes you warmly to Gunma. ❤️

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MRS Gunma Vacations
貸別荘 きよみず邸&みつ葉邸
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【Gunma Excellence 施設】

群馬県では外国人旅行者におもてなしの心を伝え、ストレスフリーに滞在出来る施設を「Gunma Excellence施設」として登録し、現在58施設が登録されています。この度、令和4年度の募集を開始します。インバウンド誘客に積極的な施設はぜひ御応募ください!

MRS Gunma on Visit Gunma




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Kiyomizu & Mitsuba House were featured in the "Gunma Prefecture Tourism Value Creation's" July 2022 newsletter to overseas travel agencies. We're really honored to be recognized for providing quality service for our inbound vacationers, and to play a part in supporting Gunma Tourism.

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“Had a great stay at this amazing historic house. Very knowledgeable and friendly host. All amenities were wonderful and met expectations from the posting. She even went out of her way to show us she appreciated us being there. Would definitely stay again.”