Make-a-Shungite Mask Strap Workshop

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  1. Wed Oct 7, 2020 See details

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I love the expression: To kill two birds with one stone. It’s not very animal-friendly, but it represents efficiency, which I love. This week’s activity addresses two issues I’ve been concerned about over the past year: 1. Which kind of mask is the best for the rare times I do go around other people. 2. How my clients can easily use shungite around their head during the day, as that’s the most important part of the body to protect from toxins (Most sleep with shungite under their pillow, so nighttime is OK.)

Shungite helps:

  1. Clean our environment: Neutralize toxins, bactericidal, antiviral

  2. Clean our body: Eliminates free radicals and toxins

  3. Strengthen our body: Supports cellular function, reduces inflammation, increases flexibility and more

Knowing this, I want everyone to keep shungite next to the most important part of our body: Our head.

Thanks to talks with my dear friend, President Shirota of City Megane, I got the idea to add shungite to glasses straps and use the strap as a holder for my mask. I wondered how people can drive with a mask on. I always put mine on the dashboard, which is not so clean!! I immediately started using my glasses strap for my mask and loved the convenience of keeping my mask hanging on my chest so I could put it on quickly when my guests arrived or takyubin came. Then, I made a shungite strap for myself the other day. When I put it on, my head immediately felt lighter and clearer. (I’ve spent more time than usual on my PC this week and was a bit tired.)

Now, we’re able to offer this for you too!!

MRS Gunma is partnering with Yorisoi House Musubi for pre- & post-natal and parenting support. This is dear to my heart, as I spent most of my teaching career focused on parent/pre-school teacher - children relationships.

Our first project is to improve the effectiveness of masks, which are so important during this pandemic. I contracted SARS from a sick student who came to class and sneezed right on me. So, I’ve always wondered if paper and cloth masks are really our best option as they can collect particles from other people, and dirt when I put it down. I was so happy when face shields went on sale. I wore one for the celebration of Kiyomizu House’s restoration and it was horrible...all foggy and hard to see. Motoyasu soon ordered thick plastic masks with a nice design to cover the mouth area. It took a month for them to arrive from Taiwan, but it’s worth it!! They are thicker and have a nicer design than the ones you see announcers wearing on TV. Yeah!! I can easily wipe it with an alcohol-sprayed tissue right after being in contact with others.

I tried making shungite accessories with Kae Kato and Suzuki Hiroko

of Yorisoi House Musubi last week and we had a lot of fun!! They chose from the five colored straps and made pretty hanging pieces that look like earrings when they put their mask on. : )

We had difficulties making the stainless pin into a nice circle. I really have a deep admiration for Midori Yamashita, our designer for shungite jewelry...How can she make such pretty loops?? I’ve since done more YouTube-sensei studies, ordered some proper tools and am ready to make straps with you at the workshops!! I’ll also make various designs that will be available at Kiyomizu House’s showroom and online store.

We need this support more than ever. I’m so happy to be able to offer this to you.

Stay well and keep in touch!

Renée Sawazaki


MRS Gunma Shungite Therapy Director