Gunma & You Vol.1: Introducing Gunma & You

Gunma is a paradise for raising children and having family vacations and special times together. Do you know about it? Most people don’t. Even those who live in Gunma don’t know all the treasures there are.

Gunma & You will give you news, practical tips and stories about healthy and fun life in Gunma. Our articles and videos are short, to the point and interesting. Enjoy!

Our articles and videos will be bilingual, Japanese and English, so people from different cultures can enjoy and benefit from our content. They can also be used for language practice!!

About the creators of Gunma & You: Akiko Takeuchi & Renee Sawazaki

We have so much in common that we decided it would be fun and useful to combine our talents and co-produce Gunma & You. We’re moms, owners of lodging facilities, community-builders, wellness supporters, homestyle cooking chefs and fun-loving girls! We both run our companies with our husband and love the flexibility that provides.

The Name and Philosophy of Gunma & You

We named this project Gunma & You as it combines parts of our company names: MRS Gunma and Ryokan Andayu (Sounds like “and you”, doesn’t it?).

The content and style reflects our approach to life: Natural, fun, flexible and practical. Like a person, Gunma & You is on a journey, will change over time and have its own personality and adventures.

Thanks for being a part of the Gunma & You community. The “& You” part is important….Please comment, engage and spend time together with us!

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