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MRS Gunma

Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki in Gunma


+81 (90) 8490-4669 (Motoyasu)

+81 (70) 3172-2110(Renée)



Kiyomizu House

707-2 Nishiakiya, Misatomachi, Takasaki, Gunma
Mitsuba House

630-1 Hitomi, Matsuidamachi, Annaka, Gunma


We Welcome you Warmly to Gunma

Thank you for considering, and hopefully choosing, a MRS Gunma Vacation. We love this lush prefecture located just north of Tokyo, and enjoy helping others have a wonderful vacation in this area known as the hub of Japanese history, arts, nature, wellness, medical, industry and political leadership. What is your travel dream?

Our guests come for both fun and relaxation at our huge vacation homes and enjoyment in the area.

Nature walks, cultural sites, cycling, pedal boating, and, for the thrill-seekers, ropes courses with zip lines, rafting and canyoning.

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Beautiful & Fun

Renovated Silk Mill

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Completely Renovated Luxury

Vacation Home


Learn English Naturally with Renée at Kiyomizu House

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For our Foreign Guests

Your MRS Gunma Vacation

【STEP 1】

Choose your dates and house

Direct Reservation (Guests and partner travel agents only)

  • Check availability on the Calendar or contact MRS Gunma

  • Pay lodging fee (40,000 JPY/night (1~4)  10,000 JPY/extra guest 5+)

  • Pay 24,000 JPY / day fee for groups requesting Guide & Cultural Experiences Plan or English Homestay program

  • Your reservation is complete once payment is confirmed

Travel Agency Reservation 

  • Payment method and cancellation policy depends on the company

【STEP 2】

       Reservee is also required to sign a Lodging Agreement at check in​

  • Communicate your needs with MRS Gunma

  • Submit Online Registration Form by 7 days prior to check in (Click Here →)

  • Pay extra fees, if any, by 7 days prior to check in

【STEP 3】

Come and enjoy your MRS Gunma Vacation!

【Fees】(Incl tax)


  • 40,000 JPY/night (1~4)  10,000 JPY/extra guest 5+, 2y+

      Mitsuba House: Max 12 guests

      Kiyomizu House: Max 16 guests

Full list of lodging fees HERE →​

【Guide & Cultural Experiences】

  • 24,000 JPY / day for groups of 1~8

  • Some cultural experiences require extra fees

  • Local transportation not included

  • ​Meal & Onsen Plan

    • 10,000 JPY / guest / day for groups of 1~8

    • Includes 3 meals, snacks, non-alcohol drinks, onsen bath (Fruit picking, Sand bath & Private onsen rooms extra)

【Payment Method】

  • Bank or Postal Bank transfer (For residents of Japan)

  • Credit Card (Via phone or SNS call)

  • PayPal (Invoice sent via email)

【Cancellation Policy】

  • 50%  minus transaction fees returned for cancellations made up to 15 days prior to the check in date 

  • 25%  minus transaction fees returned for cancellations made 8-14 days prior to the check in date

  • No returns for cancellations made from 7 days before the check in date


​Dates with the lodging name noted means the facility has been booked 

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“This is a traditional Japanese home with an outstanding atmosphere. What's more, the interior of the house is well-renovated, well-managed and clean. The amenities and facilities were just what we needed, and we had a very good time.”

— Akio, Mitsuba House, 8 guests

July 9, 2022 Airbnb Review

Translated from original (Japanese)

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“Had a great stay at this amazing historic house. Very knowledgeable and friendly host. All amenities were wonderful and met expectations from the posting. She even went out of her way to show us she appreciated us being there. Would definitely stay again.”

Meg、Kiyomizu House、6 guests

July 2, 2022  Airbnb Review

For Your Dream Vacation

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