🎊 New Shungite Accessory SALE! 10/5 --10/15 ¥ 2,000 OFF SALE ¥ 15,400> ¥ 13,200 🎊

  • "Make-a-Mask" Workshops: Â¥ 5,500
  • Wednesday, October 7 1-4pm https://www.facebook.com/events/360230122004327
  • October 11th (Sun) 12-3pm https://www.facebook.com/events/337684307551242/

🌈 Faux suede strap: Black, red, brown, light brown. Very strong and durable.

💗 Lots of designs!

🌻 Recommended for those who cannot wear earrings

Wearing shungite behind your ear and near your brain is an excellent way to support the body. 🌻

The simple design with just a shungite bead is practical for men and women who don’t want it to show. There is also a fashionable designs with hanging shungite and gemstones, so when your mask is on, it looks like you are wearing earrings!

The length of the strap is 70 cm. When you want to temporarily take off your mask, you can hang it down in front of you and avoid putting on dirty services.

By sliding the black beads, you can adjust the length of the eyeglass straps as needed.

This strap is very easy to use. Just securely fasten it to the far end of your mask’s ear band or end of your glasses with the rubber ring.

✅ MRS Gunma Shungite has the following qualities:

  • Purification: Neutralization of environmental toxins, antibacterial and antiviral (Note: We do not know of any current studies with COVID-19. The use of shungite helps strengthen and cleanse the body, but please maintain safe hygienic habits to stay safe! Wear your shungite mask, wash your hands, keep your distance.)
  • Detox: Helps eliminate free radicals and toxins from your body
  • Immune system support: Helps improve cellular function, flexibility, is anti-inflammatory, flexibility, and more.
  • So, it is really important to wear shungite near your head.

MRS Gunma Shungite Mask・Glasses Strap

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