Three MRS Gunma Shungite stones weighing approximately 15g. Comes in a 100% cotton hand-sewn pouch. It has a deep flap that can be flipped over for inserting the stones and tucked back to keep them in safely (like a pack for loose tea). This pouch can be used either dry or for making water. If you use them for dry purposes, you might want to tuck each one in a cotton pad before placing them in the pounch so they don't rub on each other. Ideas for dry use: Keep in your pocket or purse, hold between your hands, wrap in a scarf around your neck or head, under a cap, under your pillow, next to your cell phone, PC or other digital devices. For making water: Place in your thermos or in a bowl of water for soaking fruits and vegetables. We recommend hanging the pouch to dry when done.  This is a very useful little pack. Be creative, have fun, and use them!

3 MRS Gunma Shungite Stones in a Case

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