20cm diameter sphere. Square base, 20cm length, 3.5cm height.12kg. Felt base to protect surfaces. This is our largest piece, the "queen" of shungite. Place it in the center of your home or business, with a large pyramid in the far corners of the building to create a powerful grid that cleans the air and supports the wellness of those in the building. Therapists and councelors use this sphere for themselves and clients. By placing your hands on the sphere, resting on the base for 10-15 minutes, your whole body and benefit from the powerful shungite energy. Put the corners of the base facing out. For comfort, you can place a travel pillow around the base and a fluffy towel or lap blanket around it before placing your hands on it. In some cases there is condensation on the sphere after use. Please wipe with a soft cloth and let dry.

Sphere XL (20cm)

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