45x35x3mm. 17g. For use on tablets, laptop computers, side of router, and other electronic devices. Best used close to the battery. For use in the kitchen on refrigerators, freezers and stovetops (protection for IH and helps support the functioning of your appliances). Painted with an original design (partial coverage does not interfere with the effectiveness of the shungite). Drivers who get sleepy from EMFs find relief by taping it to their car's sun visor. For smart phones, we recommend using the non-painted plate as the coating will come off over time by the heat of your hand when regularly holding it. Note: Although it comes with tape on the back, it is very strong. In order to be able to remove the plaque in the future, we recommend using your own double-sided tape when attaching it to the back of the phone. Can also be slipped into the pocket of a cell phone case. Neutralizes about 98% of the harmful aspects of EMFs, so your device is safe to use. Does not lower the EMFs necessary for functioning, so your devices work normally.

Tile with drawings

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