Small stones in their natural state taken from the Russian shungite quarries. Washed, boiled twice and packaged by MRS Gunma Gunma. You can wash in a strainer and boil again before use if you like. Generally, it is recommended to use 100g stones in a 500ml-1 liter non-plastic container (glass, ceramic or stainless steel work well). Fill and use as often as you like. Best if you use filtered water as the contaminants the shungite breaks up do create a coating over the stones over time. So, it's best to start with fairly clean water.

MRS Gunma Shungite Stones (100g)

  • We usually clean the stones once every 3-6 months, or when the taste of the water is not as pure as usual. An easy way to clean is to put the stones in a bowl of water and gently brush each larger stone, then hold the smaller ones in your hand and brush at once. A soft toothbrush works well.

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