💏Vibrant Body + Pure Mind = Happy Family! 🏡
The keyword for shungite is "detox". Let's release the tension that can build up in a couple's life and refresh from the work of everyday life. Along with deep, transformational energy healing, Renée also supports a strengthened family bond through coaching.


✨About MRS Gunma Body Care ✨

💫Be the STAR that you ARE!! 💫

Are you seeking to clear deep-rooted issues? The aim of these sessions, supported by regular MRS Gunma shungite use, is to clean the physical and energetic system, allowing you to function optimally. Clear karmic energies of your lineage, past lives and current life.

Clients report amazing changes in their physical and emotional wellbeing, increases in everyday life, work and study performance and productivity, and improved relationships.

Consult Renée for details. 🌹

🌿At Kiyomizu Spa or via SNS Video Call

For inquiries and to book a session:

🌈Cell phone: (+81)70-3172-2110

🌟LINE & FB ID: renee.sawazaki

🌻Email: mrs.gunma@gmail.com

🍀Online form: https://forms.gle/8zrm4sJwBqPosnSH6

MRS Gunma Shungite Couples Body Care Session (3-5h)

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