MRS Gunma Privacy Policy 

(Regarding the use of customer information)


Usage and storage of personal information

  • In order to provide services, we are required to use and store your personal information. MRS Gunma keeps this information safe and secure. This personal information includes information provided by you, the client/customer, customer service information, usage of products and information obtained from third parties.

  • Information for online purchases ( are stored securely by Wix using HTTPS/TLS  and SSL security measures for encryption and secure connection from the web server to the browser.


  • All information concerning your sessions remain private, with no mention of your name to others stating that you are a MRS Gunma client or any of your private information. The following are exceptions:

    • MRS Gunma staff will know your name, contact information, appointment and purchase information for record-keeping purposes.

    • You demonstrate or talk about violent behavior towards yourself or others.

    • You are under 20 years old and your parent asks to discuss your situation (You will be informed in advance.)



  • Unless otherwise communicated to MRS Gunma staff, photos taken during MRS Gunma sponsored programs can be used by MRS Gunma for posting on their website, newsletters, fliers, Instagram, Facebook or other digital and print media. We use photographs discretely and make efforts to attain prior approval. ​



  • Information and photos may be used for research purposes and to share with others as a case study. Photos showing your face requires an additional agreement.

  • Your real name and location of residency will be altered to protect your identity.

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