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MRS Gunma Weddings

Private wedding

💑 Groom / bride only or small group up to 36 people

Remote video recording possible

💗 Stay at Miyadaiku Mansion

Kiyomizu House & Mitsuba House

💗 Privately run and warm hospitality

💗 You can also enjoy weddings and honeymoons


Quality UP expense DOWN

  • We provide the highest quality facilities, food and entertainment to satisfy our customers.

  • We will provide the best celebration by collaboration of the best experts in Gunma prefecture.

Creating a warm, relaxing and cheap environment

  • It's an era when you can't feel free to go to a big mansion.

  • We will entertain you so that as many people as possible can experience and enjoy the private house of Miyadaiku.

Welcome to everyone

  • Lenne is from San Francisco, where people from all over the world come from. It has settled in Gunma prefecture for more than 25 years, and has many pagans and international citizens, and there is little discrimination in international marriage.

  • We have this policy so that you can easily participate in the celebration of MRS Gunma:

    • Do not perform religious ceremonies: If you wish, you can have a public ceremony.

    • Regardless of the identity, international, remarried, Seniors, Welcome to also MRS Gunma Weddings towards LBGT

Greetings from the mansion owner

Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki (MRS) Gunma

💗 With the most important companions in a natural and elegant environment

Those who are aiming for " life celebration": Real celebration

💗 Rejoice from the bottom of my heart while wearing beautiful clothes

💗 Those who want to interact slowly with a small number of people

💗 Instead of farewell in a few hours after reuniting with my friends, chatting in the hot springs, laughing while having a delicious meal, connecting hearts with the tranquility of the Japanese garden and the sound of the water wheel, and in silence How about making a bond?

Motoyasu Sawasaki of MRS Gunma started offering this wedding because he couldn't answer the inquiries about the wedding at Minpaku. After that, during the corona "stay home " period, we worked hard to remodel the house so that we could celebrate at Kiyomizu's house.

Lenne Sawasaki longed for a handmade wedding, and I wondered if she could do it at her favorite mansion like a wonderful home wedding at her sister's home with Rosetta , the best and delicious Takasaki Italian food 22 years ago. I want to offer the highest level of celebration as a pure feeling, not especially for bisness and models. There was a wedding ceremony at Katsukiyomizu's house. Let's revive that history.

Wedding halls, shrines and temples are also important choices. However, in 2020 , many people got married because they couldn't celebrate with their friends. MRS Gunma has started MRS Gunma Weddings in April 2021 so that it can be used by those who need it in Gunma's proud mansion with warm hospitality that will not welcome a large number of customers!

💗 Motoyasu Sawasaki & Lenne's Wedding Story 💗

Congratulations on this time. After deciding to get married, it was the most beautiful celebration for the couple and you can see how they are feeling now. In 1997, Motoho & Lenne thought about two wedding plans for themselves and had a memorable handmade wedding in Takasaki and California within 6 months. After that, I was blessed with one boy and one girl and made a deep and loving family. Taking advantage of this experience, I will support the "Dreams come true" wedding plan as a planner.

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Two large palace mansion modern facilities in a historic building

Kiyomizu House: Castle-scale building

I remember "Grandmother's house".

3-story old sericulture farm

Mitsuba House: Temple-like exterior One-story building, interior of a luxury inn.

View of Mt. Myogi and Mt. Asama.



Come Visit / Tel. 070-3172-2110

Thank you very much

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Content & Quality

Even after 22 years, I can't forget the delicious festive food. You can also hear the laughter of your friends and the advice of your seniors. The love and memories of the day are embedded in my heart. Just looking at the photo album on your desk will fill your heart. Marriage is accompanied by many emotions, but when there is a problem, you can remember the joy of the day and decide, "Then, let's do our best to overcome it." Therefore, what kind of wedding ceremony is important. There will be a budget in that.

On the wedding day, you can see the most ideal atmosphere of the facility, friends, food, ceremonies, clothes, and the importance of the photographer. We have improved the quality of marriage through two weddings. Therefore, we will provide the best wedding plan in Gunma prefecture where you can relax with peace of mind even if you are over the current corona.

Gunma people value human relationships very much. The Kiho family has a history of Annaka City. Lenne has been living in Annaka since 1995. During this time, I met a wide range of friends who can foster relationships and provide the highest quality, and the current MRS Gunma Star Weddings have been established.

Star Wedding Team: Introducing the best human resources in Gunma prefecture in each field. You can see the importance of the humanity of the wedding team. If you don't match your personality, your satisfaction will be low.

Gunma Prefecture is famous for "Kakaa Tenka" thanks to the history of the silk industry. It is natural for women in Gunma prefecture to work. The country is healthy when the wife of the male leader of the country is solid. Therefore, please leave the wedding celebration offer to an excellent expert in Gunma prefecture.

Beautiful Kiyomizu House While staying at Kamitsuba House, a romantic private hot spring, a walk in the mountains with a wonderful view, elegant franc cuisine, a fun Italian steak BBQ party ... You can make a plan.


A happy family needs a solid household budget. The home is like a small business. We support you so that you can easily start your marriage. You can discuss the details and make a dream-like wedding plan that fits your budget.

  • There is no additional cost. We will charge you according to your request. There are no budget changes after deciding to spend a wedding celebration at Kiyomizu House or Mitsuba House.

  • A few days vacation wedding at this property is much more affordable and more flexible than a wedding at a wedding hall.

  • Introducing the best human resources in each field. Gunma Prefecture is a very wise choice for couples who are thinking of Japan as a wedding destination with low prices.

  • Kiyomizu House Kamitsuba House is a wonderful mansion private inn where you can celebrate 100% of yourself.

  • MRS Gunma Star Weddings makes it easy to celebrate with quality. Once you've decided on a date, all you have to do is come to the mansion and enjoy yourself.

Billing style

  • Everything has already been prepared so you don't have to worry.

  • Prices are shown on this website for each field. (Subject to change)

  • Planning begins with a reserved mansion reservation. At that time, we will pay the basic planning fee and start a new wedding planning.

  • After the basic planning decision, we will pay the expenses required by the due date.

  • After the celebration, we will make the final adjustment of the payment amount. We may refund surplus costs or charge non-budget costs.

  • MRS Gunma acts as an agent with specialty stores in each field. Please refrain from contacting specialty stores directly. If you have any questions or requests, please contact MRS Gunma.

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▶ ️ Charter: Restrictions on other people's facility use from 2 days before celebration use

▶ ️ Groom, bride, photographer only, small number of people, remote, recording possible

▶ ️ Fine cleaning and sterilization / antibacterial measures

▶ ️ Uses sterilized artificial flowers

▶ ️ 18 silkworm room windows at the ceremony hall, natural ventilation of Miyadaiku, oversized Dyson air purifier

▶ ️ Thick plastic mask for the number of people

▶ ️ Bactericidal and antibacterial products that customers can use

Corona measures