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Mitsuba House
Melt your stress away at Isobe Hot Spring's
Luxury Vacation Home


Welcome to Mitsuba House

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みつ葉邸   Mitsuba House

There is a new terrace on the far west side, leaving space in the back yard for grass, tables and a small pool.

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Request for Lodging Guest Information

Thank you for your reservation!

Please fill out and submit the following form by 7 days prior to your arrival.

Mitsuba House is registered as a Japan Travel Campaign facility!

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Aikyo "We Love" Gunma

Japan Travel Campaign 

For residents of Japan


Triple vaccinated,  negative PCR test within 3 days of check in, or negative "kōgenteisei" test within 1 day of check in

Let us know if you need help with any of this 😊

🌷40% off per guest per night

Up to 5000円 cash back + 3000円 weekday/1000円 Saturday retail coupons 

We can help you register.

Please inquire.

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Mitsuba House

Ultimate Japanese Elegance

Luxury Vacation Home @ Isobe Hot Spring Village

Gunma, Japan

45min drive to the resort town of Karuizawa

⛩ Experience the best of Japan's countryside culture and nature just 2 hours from Tokyo!

⛩ Classic zen-like interior with chic modern facilities. 

⛩ Unobstructed views of famous Japanese mountains and volcanoes. 

⛩ Interested in staying? Email me, Renée, anytime! I'd love to help you design and have the Japanese vacation of your dreams. 

Local Area & Sightseeing Guest Manual

The reaction of guests as they enter Mitsuba House is awe at the spacious feel of a luxury Japanese inn that they have all to themselves.

Spread out and socialize in this spacious home, or BBQ rain or shine under the covered terrace while enjoying mountain views and lush greenery.

With our language and guide support, you can have the best of both worlds: Private lodging with bespoke vacation planning and service. Cultural experiences and sightseeing spots abound. Enjoy Japan your way. 

As an American/Japanese couple, we welcome you warmly to our homes in Gunma!

Mitsuba House (Isobe Onsen & Mt Miyogi area, Annaka, Gunma) Max 12 guests

Lodging fees: 40,000JPY/group (1-4 guests), 10,000JPY per extra guest (Tax, cleaning fees, lodging amenities, parking, WiFi, BBQ & cooking equipment included)

Extra fees for meals, transportation, cultural experiences and guide services. Click HERE for details.

CLICK HERE  to find out more about this area

in the tour descriptions.

I hope to see you soon.

My most kind regards,


How to Make Your Reservation

Book directly with MRS Gunma → EMAIL

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Lodging Fees (PDF) ➡️

Welcome Guide & House Rules (PDF) ➡️

Lodging Agreement (PDF) ➡️

Guest Information Form ➡️

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Designated "Gunma Excellence" Lodging Facility

Japan Private Lodging Registration Number: M100001920

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きよみず邸&みつ葉邸 チラシ.Kiyomizu & Mitsuba House flier_photo_p2.jpg
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【Gunma Excellence Program】
Gunma Prefectural Government's Tourism Division

This program's goal is to reduce the barriers to a smooth travel experience for inbound guests. Gunma Excellence certification is awarded to hotels, inns, restaurants, and other tourist facilities with an assurance of a quality experience for foreign visitors.

MRS Gunma on the

Visit Gunma website

Kiyomizu House

Mitsuba House​

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​​Renée and Motoyasu, owners and your hosts at Mitsuba and Kiyomizu Houses prepare tasty and nutritious dishes for your vacation enjoyment. 🥬


* Vegetarian option available


* Other Japanese dishes, Western and Continental breakfast styles available for 2+ night stays


* Order at least three days in advance

【 Fresh Bento & Miso Soup Breakfast @ Mitsuba & Kiyomizu House 】


Imagine staying at a vacation villa with private use of the kitchen and facilities, and being able to order breakfast to be delivered. Yes! This dream can come true. 🍱


Renée and Motoyasu, owners and your hosts at Mitsuba and Kiyomizu Houses prepare tasty and nutritious dishes for your vacation enjoyment. 🥬


* Vegetarian option available


* Other Japanese dishes, Western and Continental breakfast styles available for 2+ night stays


* Order at least three days in advance


* 800JPY per guest | Pay at check-in

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Mitsuba Terrace_gazebo_daytime.png

Like a Japanese inn (ryokan)

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Space to relax and play

Temple-like exterior

Hammock_engawa_16-mat room_Renée.jpg
Mitsuba parking lot_Isis.jpg

Parking for up to 10 cars



Black table and kotatsu_6-mat and engawa.jpg

Private entrance to 6-mat tatami room



Where East meets West.

Low, Japanese "zabuton" (Japanese cushion) sized chairs, and two chairs for children,

2 futons in first 8-mat room_up close_Mitsuba House..jpg



Dining Room

Modern, Yet Classic Japanese Comfort

みつ葉邸|Mitsuba House
みつ葉邸|Mitsuba House
みつ葉邸|Mitsuba House
みつ葉邸|Mitsuba House
みつ葉邸|Mitsuba House
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Kiyomizu_1F tatami room table and zabuton.jpg

“Had a great stay at this amazing historic house. Very knowledgeable and friendly host. All amenities were wonderful and met expectations from the posting. She even went out of her way to show us she appreciated us being there. Would definitely stay again.”




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Play & nature

Family trip, friends, solo trip

Megumi no Yu bath.JPG

Mineral Hot Springs

Megumi no Yu Onsen Spa

The only day hot spring in Isobe Onsen. Open-air bath, indoor baths, sauna, large dining room, souvenir, exhibition, massage chair. 

4 minutes by car 20 minutes on foot


Isobe Onsen foot bath.jpg


Free footbath at Isobe Onsen

Enjoy the atmosphere of the hot spring town and relax in the natural hot springs.

Free parking.

3 minutes by car 13 minute walk



Sand Therapy

in Megumi no Yu Onsen Spa

After soaking in sand and salt in a comfortable yukata robe, detox and refresh while drinking herbal teas and local snacks.

Reservation required ・ 2 hours ・ Up to 4 people ・ Co-ed

4 minutes by car 20 minute walk