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Triple vaccinated,  negative PCR test within 3 days of check in, or negative "kōgenteisei" test within 1 day of check in

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Vacation in the Heart of Japan

Rejuvenate your body & mind
in the center of Japan's history & nature

Transcend time and space during your

castle-town stay in central Japan.


Visitors often seek an authentic experience of Japan, but with the complexity of this glorious country and its culture, it is challenging to define “authenticity”.


As we learn to live with COVID-19, travelers are drawn to experiences in more spacious, rural areas, seek to rejuvenate rather than become tired from traveling from city to city, and are often choosing family vacations over joining a tour.


A castle-town stay in Japan suits all of these needs, and provides a unique culturally-engaging experience that is fun for visitors of all ages and will be remembered for a lifetime.

I lived for decades in the central prefecture of Gunma, enjoying the beauty and ease of living in this history-filled region.


As a scholar, I studied international and regional tourism, and waited patiently for someone to come to the plate and create services so non-Japanese visitors could enjoy what this region has to offer, but alas, nothing changed.


In 2019 I took the plunge and quit my position at university to focus 100% on creating lodging and tours that suit the needs of my fellow expats as well as inbound tourists. Little did I know that six months later a new virus would change everything. The stay home period allowed me and my husband to remodel Kiyomizu House, and establish a way for us to invite you into our home and region with open arms.


Although we started hosting guests from spring 2017 via Airbnb, it took us five years to restore this mammoth of a property and set it up with all the amenities we want for our guests.

If you choose to stay at Kiyomizu House, I encourage you to opt for a personalized tour so you can make the most out of your vacation. In return, I promise to make all efforts to ensure you are well taken care of with the high hospitality standards I have learned in Japan and with my enthusiasm for sharing this glorious area of Japan with guests.

CLICK HERE  to find out more about this area

in the tour descriptions.

I hope to see you soon.

My most kind regards,


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Japan Private Lodging License: M100001921

Kiyomizu's komon on onigawara tile

3階建て旧養蚕農家 | Heritage Home


とっても広い!Massive home & yard

子供が安全で遊べます | Safe for yard play

子供が安全で遊べます | Safe for yard play

庭で遊ぼう!Playing in the yard

庭で遊ぼう!Playing in the yard

Kiyomizu gazebo and chairs_illumination

ロマンチックな雰囲気 | Romanic feel in the evening

Reika & Renée in Gazebo 1.2022

屋根付きテラス2つ雨天でもBBQ | 2 terraces for rain or shine BBQ

大きな土間 | Huge Entrance

大きな土間 | Huge Entrance

卓球やダーツで遊べる | Ping Pong & Darts

卓球やダーツで遊べる | Ping Pong & Darts

ゆっくり寛げる | Space to Relax

ゆっくり寛げる | Space to Relax

Large table and tatami rooms_best_Kiyomizu

8畳6つ繋げっています | 6 connected rooms of 8 tatami mats each

Hori Kotatsu and view of tatami rooms_Kiyomizu

堀炬燵と各部屋に座卓 | Sunken heated table to stretch out your legs

Welcome cookies and coffee

手作りおやつ&ウエルコームドリンク | Greeting with drinks & homemade goodeis

Kiyomizu tatami room party set up for 9

16人までの宴会スペース | Party Space for 16

Diner Party with Guests at Kiyomizu

宴会が楽しい!Have a good time together

カントリー風キッチン/ダイニング | Country Kitchen/Dining

カントリー風キッチン/ダイニング | Country Kitchen/Dining

Dining table set at Kiyomizu

ダイニングテーブルで食事も素敵 | Enjoy meals in the large dining room

Tatami room buffet_Kiyomizu 1F

豊富な食器コレクション | Huge amount of dishes

Comfortable futons

ふわふわな布団・敷布団2枚 | Double-padded fluffy futons

4 tatami rooms with futons

大人数でもゆったり寝られます | Large groups can sleep comfortably

広い縁側 | Spacious Hallway

広い縁側 | Spacious Hallway

Kiyomizu 1F Bath

モダーン風に改装 | Modern Appliances

ウォシュレット2台・小便器1台 | 2 WCs & 1 Urinal

ウォシュレット2台・小便器1台 | 2 WCs & 1 Urinal

Kiyomizu Night View Parking Area

広い駐車場 | Large parking area

Kiyomizu House Profile Picture_Canva Design.png
Kiyomizu House 1F & Garden Plan Sweet Home 3D.png

きよみず邸   Kiyomizu House

The terrace and car port are now on the west side of the house for convenient access and privacy.

Fresh Bento & Miso Soup Breakfast @

Mitsuba & Kiyomizu House


Imagine staying at a vacation villa with private use of the kitchen and facilities, and being able to order breakfast to be delivered. Yes! This dream can come true. 🍱


Renée and Motoyasu, owners and your hosts at Mitsuba and Kiyomizu Houses prepare tasty and nutritious dishes for your vacation enjoyment. 🥬


* Vegetarian option available


* Other Japanese dishes, Western and Continental breakfast styles available for 2+ night stays


* Order at least three days in advance

きよみず邸&みつ葉邸 チラシ.Kiyomizu & Mitsuba House flier_photo_p1.jpg
きよみず邸&みつ葉邸 チラシ.Kiyomizu & Mitsuba House flier_photo_p2.jpg
Kiyomizu & Mitsuba House brochure_7.2022_p1.jpg
Kiyomizu & Mitsuba House brochure_7.2022_p2.jpg
Gunma Excellence member certificate.jpg

【Gunma Excellence Program】
Gunma Prefectural Government's Tourism Division

This program's goal is to reduce the barriers to a smooth travel experience for inbound guests. Gunma Excellence certification is awarded to hotels, inns, restaurants, and other tourist facilities with an assurance of a quality experience for foreign visitors.

MRS Gunma on the

Visit Gunma website

Kiyomizu House

Mitsuba House​

2021 Gunma Excellence Project with JAL Certificate.jpg

🍃きよみず邸とその近辺 案内動画 ♨️Tour of Kiyomizu House & Its Neighborhood 🍃(6:41)



🎍Are you looking for a Japanese-style vacation home where you can relax, enjoy each other’s company, and experience the best that Japan has to offer in terms of leisure and sightseeing. Welcome to Kiyomizu House! 🍃


This video gives you a brief overview of the layout of Kiyomizu House and what is offered in its neighborhood and surrounding region. ♨️


There is so much more to be explored! Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy a vacation of your dreams in beautiful Gunma. MRS Gunma offers guided tours & wellness retreats with unique cultural experiences, scenic nature and excellent food.


For details →


🏯Guests can rent out the entire first level (1~16 guests) and have full, private use of all of the facilities. Please contact us to co-create your dream Japan vacation of a lifetime.


With kind regards,

Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki 🌺

Owners, Kiyomizu House


A walk course near Kiyomizu House (0:40)


Thank you for watching the video introducing the walking course that you can experience near Kiyomizu House. The explanation is in English, but if you don't understand it, please enjoy the photos. The spots to walk within 5 to 20 minutes are:

① Misatomachi Fureai Park

② Lake Narusawa

③ The site of Minowa Castle

④ Former Shimoda House Garden and Shoin

⑤ Kamishiba joint water wheel


Please spend a relaxing vacation in Minago-cho, Takasaki City. We'll be expecting you.

✨Hosting since Spring 2017 


Recreation & Cultural Heritage

Good for family fun, traveling with friends or solo

Mitsuba_entering 8-mat room.jpg

“This is a traditional Japanese home with an outstanding atmosphere. What's more, the interior of the house is well-renovated, well-managed and clean. The amenities and facilities were just what we needed, and we had a very good time.”

— Akio, Mitsuba House, 8 guests

July 9, 2022 Airbnb Review

Translated from original (Japanese)

Kiyomizu_1F tatami room table and zabuton.jpg

“Had a great stay at this amazing historic house. Very knowledgeable and friendly host. All amenities were wonderful and met expectations from the posting. She even went out of her way to show us she appreciated us being there. Would definitely stay again.”

- Meg、Kiyomizu House、6 guests

July 2, 2022  Airbnb Review

Relaxing Day Trips
There is an abundance of cultural sites and nature near Kiyomizu House.
Let us tour you around and get the most out of your vacation.
Map of Kiyomizu's neighborhood.png
The information below matches the numbers on the map above.
Walking map to Kyu-Shimoda-tei Gardens.p

Kyoto-Style Garden
Samurai House

With year-round beauty, you will enjoy strolling around the bamboo-lined moss-laden paths. Meditate on a boulder, watch the carp or admire the woodwork in the samurai house. Free entry, yet only crowded during the spectacular fall foliage illumination season. 

Walking map to the water mill .png

Thatched Roof Water Mill

The sounds of the churning water heals the body and mind. Stroll around this historical structure that represents the wheat-culture of the area, and enjoy the movements of the machinery within.

Walking map to Misato Fureai Park.png

Playgrounds, River Walk & Cherry Trees

Have a picnic while your children play freely in one of the largest parks in the Kanto area. Traditional candy shop, grass areas and 360 degree circle of cherry trees are just some of the highlights.


Pool & Waterslides

The first walk course in the morning. The best way to swim with your family and play in the water! It's easy to get there by car, so it doesn't matter if you have a lot of tools. Free parking .


Natural hot spring

Minago Onsen Maneki no Yu

Take a hot spring, open-air bath, salt steam and dry sauna until 11pm, which is less than 10 minutes on foot.

A lot of happiness! The medicine Aoki is on the other side, so it's easy to shop for snacks and small meals on your way home.



You can go for a walk, picnic, or boat fishing at Narusawa Lake.

Great quiet place.

There are many plum trees on foot from Kiyomizu House.

Walking map to Misato Park Pool.png
Walking map to Maneki no Yu.png
Walking map to Lake Narusawa.png



707-2 Nishi-Akiya Misatomachi Takasaki, Gunma

By car

  • 15min from Kanetsu Expressway Maebashi Exit

  • 30min from Kanetsu Expressway Takasaki Exit

By train

  • JR Takasaki Station → 11km、25分 by car → 35min by bus 

  • JR Annaka Haruna Station → 17km、25分 by car

Highway bus to takasaki station

  • Ikebukuro:110min

  • Kansai: Overnight bus

  • Haneda Airport:2h

  • Narita Airport:3h


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