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MRS Gunma

Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki in Gunma




+81 (90) 8490-4669 (Motoyasu)

+81 (70) 3172-2110(Renée)



Kiyomizu House

707-2 Nishiakiya, Misatomachi, Takasaki, Gunma
Mitsuba House

630-1 Hitomi, Matsuidamachi, Annaka, Gunma


Mitsuba House & Kiyomizu House
Manual & Rules

A Message from your Hosts, Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki


Thank you for choosing to stay at our home during your holiday. 

We wish you a most enjoyable time! 


Please understand that we are not a hotel. Our vacation homes are licensed under the Private Lodging “Minpaku” laws and regulations, which are in some ways much stricter than those for hotels and ryokans. Some main differences are:

  • Guest responsibility for using the facilities with care and leaving the property in the same orderly state it was in when they arrived.

  • Necessary care not to disturb the neighbors. A home’s Minpaku License can easily be revoked if neighbors complain to the prefectural office about rules being broken.

  • Treating the hosts with respect. They are offering their personal home and doing the best they can to make sure guests have a wonderful experience.

  • There is no front desk staff who are on call at all hours for check in and check out, so please make efforts to arrive and leave at your requested times

  • Each guest’s personal information must be registered, not just the representative who made the reservation.

To achieve these goals, we have created House Rules & Manual specific to our properties. We expect our guests to understand and follow them to the best of their ability.  

All guests must be aware of and follow all of the rules. 

Read well prior to your arrival. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you! 

Rules necessary for:

(1) Guest safety

(2) Vacation enjoyment

(3) The well-being of your host and our neighbors

(4) The well-being of the property and amenities


If you follow the rules, we guarantee you will have a great stay. If you don’t, we guarantee you will leave upset that you had to be reminded of their importance. Which kind of vacation do you choose to have?


In conclusion, we request that the representative fill out our online Guest Information form one week prior to their stay. This helps streamline clear communication so we can best prepare for their stay.


Our most kind regards,

Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki

Motoyasu Sawazaki (Japanese, English, Spanish): 090-8490-4669

Renée Sawazaki (English, Japanese, French): 070-3172-2110


House Manual & Rules

【Amenities and Services】


【Check In】At the agreed upon time between 3-6pm

✓ Let us know by the day before check in your time of arrival and arrive within 15-minutes before or after.

✓ No changes allowed the day of check in

✓ Call immediately if you need to change the designated time due to uncontrollable circumstances (accident on the highway, vehicle breakdown, etc)

✓ Absolutely no late check in past 6pm. If all members of your group have not arrived by 6pm due to your own negligence, your reservation is forfeited without refund and you will not be allowed to stay the night.

✓ If you need to arrange a late check in for uncontrollable reasons (work, flight, etc), let us know well in advance and we can set a late check in time

✓ No early check in available. If you would like to use the property earlier than the check in time, please book the night before.

✓ All members of the group must check in in person. If members arrive separately, the time of arrival of the last guest is considered the check in time. 

  • The full guest list will be presented at check in for accuracy confirmation, and to add the body temperature of each guest as required for COVID-19 precautions 

✓ ID and Personal Information

  • Government regulations require we keep a list of each guest’s name, address and occupation. 

  • To ensure that guests have given the correct name and address, we request an ID be presented

  • Visitors to Japan are required to show their passport at check in. In addition, we must keep a record of the guest’s name, country of residence, passport number, and copy of the photo page of their passport

  • To facilitate a smooth check-in we request that the guest information be sent to us in advance. 


【Check Out】 At the agreed upon time between 6~ 9am

✓ Let us know by check in your requested departure time. If you must change the time, contact us by 10pm the night before. 

✓ We will check the house and get the key 10 minutes before the check out time together with the representative. We are especially mindful to look for forgotten guest items, missing house items, cleanliness and damage.

✓ No late check out available. If you would like to use the property after 9am, please book the following night.

✓ All members of the group should check out at the same time. Let us know in advance if some members of your group will be leaving at a different time. 


✓ No loud noise or ruckus in the house or yard at any time

✓ This includes loud conversations and yelling, singing, live and recorded music, or any other unusually loud noise that could disturb our neighbors

Quiet Hours Outside: After 9pm

  • No conversation in the parking area when returning after 9pm

  • Finish BBQing and terrace use by 9pm 

  • Smoking on the terrace is allowed anytime. No talking after 9pm. 


✓  No fireworks of any kind allowed on the property and we do not know of any nearby public facilities that allow fireworks either

✓  We understand that this is a popular summer activity, but due to fire risks and smoke we cannot allow it. We provide many fun alternatives …. Bubbles, badminton, baby pool, balls and more. Have fun … Stay safe!


✓  Free parking for up to about 8 regular cars

✓ Mid-sized tour buses OK



✓  No pets allowed in the house or yard. 


【Alcohol and Drugs】

✓ If you drink, please do so responsibly. Guests are not allowed to become drunk

  • If guests become so drunk that they cannot control their behavior, the police will be called and guests will be required to leave the property.

  • Each person’s tolerance level is different and depends on health conditions as well. Know yourself and drink responsibly.

✓ No drunk driving

  • For those driving at check out, extra care needs to be taken to ensure alcohol is not in the system in the morning. 

  • Depending on the person and amount consumed, alcohol can stay in the body for up to 24 hours, and there is a risk of accidents and legal issues  from drunk driving. 

  • Guests are 100% responsible for their own behavior and consequences if they choose to drink and drive. We strongly discourage any alcohol consumption for guests driving in the morning.

  • No illegal drugs, substances or items allowed on the property 


✓  No smoking inside the house. 

✓  Smoking in the yard is allowed only at the patio table under the gazebo. 


【House Cleaning】

✓  No extra house cleaning fees are charged to guests. With this, we expect guests to clean up after themselves, and we as hosts do the remaining deep cleaning. 

✓  Guests are to clean up and straighten up all rooms, terrace, toys, garbage, recycling.

✓  The hosts will do a thorough and disinfecting house cleaning in compliance with COVID-19 prevention after check out

✓  If you need to sweep, vacuum or wipe up any messes, we have all the necessary items in the kitchen and laundry room. Please ask if you need assistance.


🌟For non-peak reservations, we offer a Full-Service Cleaning option. For guests who want to come and be pampered, we recommend this service. Please see our Pricing & Services list for details.


【Kitchen & Cooking】

  • If you cook or eat on the property, clean up after yourselves

  • Gas BBQ grills: See separate document for Usage Instructions

  • No grilling or cooking in the house that results in splattered oil, butter, sauces, etc or smoke

    • If your BBQ is not complete outside for any reason, you are NOT allowed to continue grilling inside. 

    • No using electric nabes as yakiniku plates.

  • Clean splatters on the walls, garbage on floor, etc. 

  • Wash and put away dishes, pots, etc.

  • Put away dishes only after they are dried well.

  • On the morning of check out, leave the breakfast dishes to dry and the host will put them away.


✓  All garbage can go together. Put all garbage in the large bins or in the large plastic bags provided. Close tightly.



✓  There is a separate recycle bin for PET bottles, cans and glass. 

✓  Take off caps and labels and rinse before putting recyclables in the bin.


【Wall unit air conditioner & Heaters】

✓ These machines are made to heat/cool/dehumidify the room they are in. They are not designed for central heating or cooling. 

✓  Keep the outer/engawa side doors closed. The machines get tired and may stop functioning if all the doors are left open.

✓  Winter maximum temperature setting: 25℃ 

✓  Summer minimum setting: 27℃

Delete: ✓  Room temperatures are set to a comfortable temperature at check in. There are plenty of heaters, kotatsu heated tables, fans and air conditioners for your comfort. Plus, the traditional construction of the house makes for a comfortable setting in the summer with natural ventilation from the windows and sunrooms. 

【Water Heater】

✓ The central water heating system is set to a comfortable 40℃. Please do not alter this. We sometimes find the heating system turned up to 44℃, which is dangerously hot.

【TV and Furniture】

✓  The house is set up for your group’s needs at check in. Refrain from moving furniture, TV, TV stand, etc. If you need anything changed, contact the host and the host will try to fulfill your request.


✓  You can use the towel set and bag at the house or local hot springs. Please refrain from using them at Ikaho Onsen as that mineral water turns our light-colored towels brown.

✓  Leave the used bags and towels in the hamper and the unused towels in your bedroom



✓  Our guests love our fluffy and impeccably clean futons and pillows, but your needs may be different. Please contact us with any requests for extra pillows or blankets. We have plenty!

✓  Leave your futon unmade at checkout. Just make sure you haven’t left any rechargers or other items in them! We often don’t find them until after guests leave and we are cleaning.


【Windows and Key】

✓  Always close and lock the windows and doors when leaving

✓  Never leave the key in the house and the door open when leaving

✓  Never leave the key in the mailbox when leaving

【Books, Toys and Yard Play】

✓  Close the safety gates at the entrance to the property when children are playing in the yard

✓  Keep a close eye on children at all times when they are playing and using the baby pool

✓  No hard balls (Soccer, basketballs, baseballs, etc) allowed on the property

✓  Do not let children play unattended in the back of the house or near the street

✓  Put everything back where you first found it

✓  Please clean and wipe down any toys and books used with either disinfectant wet tissues or paper towels and the disinfectant spray by the kitchen sink (NOT alcohol spray meant for cleaning hands as it can damage paper and goods). 

【House Check】

✓ We will enter the house at least once a day for a basic check and cleaning (Empty garbage, check room temperature, windows, curtains, etc.)


【Damages or Missing Items】

✓  Please be careful and gentle in using the home and yard.

✓  You will be charged for damages, but be aware that the woodwork and unique tatami cannot easily be fixed or replaced. 

✓  Guests are responsible for broken, damaged or missing items from the house or yard. If something happens to the house or items during your stay, inform us right away. We understand that accidents happen, and in many cases no fees need to be paid (Broken glass, ripped book, stained towel, etc). Only if necessary, you will be charged with estimated replacement cost or professional services and materials needed. 

✓  Motoyasu & Renée know the household condition when guests check in, and only one group stays per night. So when there is damage, claiming, “We didn’t do it.” at check out is unacceptable.


【Forgotten items】 

✓  Check carefully before leaving

✓  We will call you if we find anything, and you can come pick it up

✓  If we send any items, the handling and delivery fee is the responsibility of the guest


【Liability Disclaimer】

  • The owner does not accept any liability for any loss, damage, additional expenses, injury or death incurred by the Guest or any member of the Guest’s party regardless of the cause.

  • The owner is not responsible for damage or loss of personal property, including vehicles, luggage, jewelry or cash. Please be careful when parking, and take care of your personal belongings throughout your vacation.

  • All inbound guests must have proper traveler’s insurance

  • By choosing to stay at this guest home, you take full responsibility for your and the other guests’ wellbeing.


Thank you for choosing to stay at Kiyomizu/Mitsuba House!

We hope that everything goes super smoothly, and that you have a most wonderful time. 

Our most kind regards, 


Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki

Eating at your Vacation Home

  • The homes are well equipped with all the basic cooking tools, tableware and cutlery. Guests are welcome to use anything they need. If you have a special request, just let us know!

  • Eat the way that suits you! Take out, bring in bentos, BBQ, have a hot pot party, local onsen or restaurant. Supermarkets & convenience stores nearby. See below for details.

  • Both Renée and Motoyasu are licensed to serve food at the vacation homes and can provide snacks, breakfast and additional meal support


【Grocery Shopping】

【Kiyomizu House】

→ Stores within a 15min walk | 5min drive

→ Stores within a 30min drive


【Mitsuba House】

【Welcome Drink and Snacks】Homemade by Renée

✓ Renée loves to cook for her guests and makes various baked goods.

✓ Includes wheat, eggs and other potential allergens. Please let us know in advance if anyone in your group has allergies or sensitivities.


【Breakfast】Homemade Japanese-style

✓ Includes chicken, eggs and other potential allergens. If you order breakfast, please let us know in advance if anyone in your group has allergies or sensitivities. Vegetarian option.

✓ Inquire and order at least 3 days in advance, and know it is not always available as we only offer this at one property per day, and we have two properties.

✓ If you decide to cancel, tell us as soon as possible, and at the latest 3 days in advance.

✓ Payment in advance

✓ Served at 7:30am

✓ Guests are responsible for cleaning up and washing the dishes. Please leave them to dry.

BBQ Instructions & Rules

~ Begin no later than 7pm & Clean up by 9pm ~


✓  If you would like to use one or two BBQ grills, let us know in advance, and by the day before arrival, at the latest.  Understand that we cannot accommodate BBQ set up requests the day of check in.

✓ Delete:  There are two gas BBQs available, two grills, one Let us know your needs in advance, we will set them up prior to check in.

✓  No other BBQ grills, charcoal, tents or other BBQ/camping goods can be brought in and used.

✓  Start no later than 7pm, and finish grilling and cleanup by 9pm. 

✓  Basic cleanup 

  • Throw out large pieces of food from the grill and drip pan, tables and ground, and put the garbage in a bin. 

  • Close the BBQ lid and leave the grills for us to clean up after check out.

  • Clean and wipe the table. 

  • Rinse and put recyclables in the bins provided.

✓ Generally 1 grill for 2~7 guests. 2 grills for 8~16 guests


【Set Up】

  • Only use outside where it has been set up. 

  • We have placed water in the pan under the grill. Please do not move, or it may wet the wick and not be able to be used until it dries.

  • If you want to move it, empty the water in the pan, move and refill. 

  • There is a kettle with water and hose available.

  • Long cooking utensils, hot pads, spray cleaner, kitchen towels, cloth towels and a garbage can are set up in the BBQ area



  • Turn the knob and then press the red button.

  • You can adjust the flame strength after that.

  • Turn off by turning the knob back fully to the original position, and check that the flame is out.

  • There should be plenty of gas in the canisters, but if it happens to run out, or any other problems occur, please contact us right away.


【Precautions During Use】 

  • Use the long BBQ utensils provided to avoid burns.

  • Do not exchange the grill and plate when hot.

  • Be careful when using the grill around children.


【Clean up】 

  • Remove and throw out the burnt residue and any food particles on and under the BBQ grill plates, tables and ground.

  • Take all utensils and other items to the kitchen and wash them well.

  • Close the lid and leave the BBQ as is. 

  • Call us and let us know when you are finished. We will come to clean the grill and drip pan.

  • If you are using it multiple times, please clean well in between uses, and ask for assistance if necessary.


【Alcohol & Drinks】 

  • Drink responsibly. We do not allow excessive alcohol consumption. 

  • Bring all aluminum, glass and PET containers in the house, rinse & take off labels and place them in the provided recycle bins.



  • Keep noise level moderate

  • No music: Live or recorded

  • No fireworks allowed


【Liability Disclaimer】

  • The owners of this vacation home are not responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused by the use of this grill and the property. By choosing to use the BBQ, you take full responsibility for you and the other guests’ wellbeing.

  • Guests will be fined for damage, lack of clean up or complaints from the neighbors.


Stay safe, Eat well, Enjoy!

For Your Dream Vacation

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