😊 Happy stories of over 3,000 customers 😊

~customer's voice~

  • Natural healing & strength UP!

  • Play, work & study UP!

  • Feeling happy & beauty UP!

  • Tired, frustrated, sick DOWN!

  • UP to make your dreams come true!

Please tell us your impressions of receiving the therapy from Dr. Lenne.

  • I felt that what had been shrunk in me was released and freed.

  • Great and uplifting!

  • I think it was a great experience.

  • Great!

  • I remember my true self.


Please tell us about the changes in your daily life (family) before you started this therapy.

  • I can live honestly with my feelings. I hardly hear any complaints from my mother.

  • My life changed to more beautiful and appreciating.

  • After my mother received the therapy, she said that her lower back, which was painful and unstretchable, would grow and be easier. The expression has also become brighter.

  • Family ties and ties have become stronger.

Sandra at Himeji Castle 6.2019.jpg

Please tell us about the changes in your mind and body before and after starting this therapy.

  • There are almost no pimples that didn't improve. In addition, I am less tired than before, and my senses and intuition are clear.

  • I got more healthy body condition and relaxing mental.

  • I think there was a big detox at the beginning and I was able to put out my strength.

  • Realizing that everything is meaningful and necessary.

Zeek & Renee 2.jpg

Please tell us about your relationships and changes in your work or study before and after you started this therapy.

  • Now I can concentrate on my work.

  • I took the late school exam !!!

  • Change my job and start many new challenge

  • I think we are opening up toward a big goal.

  • And my relationships was made more comfortable and fantastic.

  • Things go smoothly.

  • After receiving the session at home, my life rhythm was set.
    I couldn't wake up in the morning when I heard it, but now I can wake up at a fixed time.
    Also, when I was at home, I wasn't motivated and often put off what I had to do, but now I almost never want to move but can't. Thanks to you, I am able to spend time with my family comfortably.