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Renée Sawazaki

Earth is a playground for us to enjoy...Now!

Renée has been an educator since 1984 and is an awesome coach and listener. 

Renée completed four years of therapeutic practitioner program studies (2014-2017), opened her private practice in 2017 and has a growing number of satisfied clients. She knows she was born to do this work, and shares in the joy of witnessing people transform to their birthright potential. Without shungite, this work would not be possible, so she unknowingly waited and trained diligently for years for this age to come. So, whether you use pieces of shungite Renée selects with you, or experience her energy sessions as well, you know you are on the right path to living the life of your dreams.


Renée is not a licensed medical practitioner and does not engage in diagnosing or treating medical illnesses. Any information she shares is for experiential purposes only and is not to be used in lieu of medical treatment, when necessary. Renée does not practice actively any religion or spiritual training, nor labels herself in any way. She is open and accepting of all faiths, beliefs, sexual orientations, race, physical or mental conditions, social status, or an any other artificial way that people have used to separate one from another. Being from San Francisco, she learned at an early age that we are truly all one. 

Body Care Therapy

Faster than the speed of light towards shining yours!

The main goal of this natural therapy is to increase your ability to self-heal and to be in an optimal state in all aspects of your life: Physical, mental, emotional, personality and patters, relationships and activities.

Sample issues guests have sought treatment for: Anti-aging and preventative care, to complement medical care, for general wellbeing, fatigue, sleep issues, inability to cope at work or in crowds, detox and EMF sensitivity (protect against toxins and EMFs in air, water, food, transportation, etc), and business and academic success.

All guests have expressed positive changes in their everyday life, relationships, work or studies and more. 
Spending time in shungite rooms is known to relieve tension, fatigue, detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and much more. That is why we offer a variety of ways to experience Shungite Body Care: Connecting to Renée's shungite rooms energetically online, in person tea time and relaxation healing, deep shungite therapy, and overnight stays at Kiyomizu Spa. All are extremely beneficial, and each person has different needs at different times. There is no one set "way" to reach your goal.

Being in touch or with Renée in any way also results in positive effects. Her guests tell her that a  phone call, message or sometimes even an intentional though produced the results they need. In general, people spending time in Renée’s presence experience signs of healing...Tears, release of pain and anxiety, increased vitality, clarity of thought, and more. The power of Renée's heart is like the sun: It doesn't have an off switch!! 

MRS Gunma Shungite

An ancient tool for modern times

Main qualities: Cleaner and balancer. Shungite supports the entire body, to the cellular level and beyond. So, with regular use, the body naturally can function optimally. Yet, is cannot clear karmic energies or help shift patterns. That is where Renée's gift can be used.

Regular use of shungite, which generally does not lose its effectiveness, allows for continued benefits. So, guests experience long-term benefits. Renée activates the shungite to match the goals and needs of the guest at that time, and can be recharged when necessary. So, the shungite used for Shungite Body Care is not the same as shungite purchased from other sellers. 

Shungite is an ancient mineral found only in one region of Russia, and since around 2004 has become more and more accessible globally. As there is a lake in that region with a bed of shungite, it has been used for ages for its natural, curative qualities when bathing there, or keeping pieces of the stone on your body. It is currently a boom in medical research, yet many people shy away from it because it seems too good to be true. Well, it is, and the results our guests are experiencing are truly phenomenal (That's the main reason Renée intentionally does not currently post testimonials on the MRS Gunma website or SNS.). Shungite is used in a variety of ways, from water treatment plants, asphalt and architecture, to veterinary and human hospitals and integrative medicine and wellness centers.

How? It is composed of a variety of minerals, including some that date to the Precambrian era, and one that scientists, architects and the average folk are in awe of: Carbon 60. This perfect sphere is the strongest molecule known. Renée considers it the perfect protective structure to hold the ultra-high vibratory energies she uses to clear karma from her guests. So, when wearing her activated shungite, you are engaging in round-the-clock clearing. No wonder the results are tangible and bewilderingly fast.

Shungite 101

As of now, few people know about Body Care treatments. Lucky you! Want to find out more?

Renée would love to spend an hour with you sharing her knowledge and experience about shungite and practical ways to use it to enhance your quality of life.

Shungite 101 videos available for view on our Facebook page:

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