What is Shungite Stone?

Shungite stone is a unique stone that has been proven to have the property of purifying water, food, the environment, and harmful substances in your body. It has been widely used for health and industrial purposes in Russia for hundreds of years instead of thousands of years. Shungite products from Quebec's Anti-Aging Alliance Inc. are used by approximately 500 practitioners in Canada and are available to the general public in Japan through MRS Gunma in April 2017. It is now possible. All Shungite stones provided by the Antiaging Alliance are capable of the highest regular Shungite quality, with an estimated range of 50-70% natural C60 fullerene content. (Note: Shungite stones available on the internet contain about 30% natural C60 fullerenes. There is no other grade of this. Also, elite shungite, which is rare and cannot be molded into a usable shape. There is (natural C60 fullerene about 98%).

Natural Shungite and its closest artificial form, C60 fullerenes, have been studied around the world and as a result they have both been found to have strong antioxidant, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

In addition, research has demonstrated its unique ability to neutralize the harmful effects of EMF from mobile phones, PCs, WiFi, IHs, hybrid vehicles and other electronic devices.

In a joint study by Rice University, Texas America (the center that created fullerenes) and Kazan University in Russia, published in the January 2017 issue of Carbon, Shungite is the most efficient way to filter nuclear particles in pools. Suggests that it is a cost-effective material. The damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant has the idea of ​​returning the water in the surrounding containers to the sea. So if you accept this collaborative proposal, you claim that the filter can be manufactured within 6 months.

How can I use Shungite? You cannot ingest this stone directly, but you can drink water with stones, soak in a bathtub with stones, and make beauty and cleansing products. The Antiaging Alliance offers a variety of stones that you can wear or tape. There are also pads of various sizes for sitting, sleeping, at home or at work, or on electronic devices.

Shungite is different from other products on the market. Thank you for choosing to use Shungite and we look forward to contributing for you.

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