379-0224 群馬県安中市松井田町人見631-1

631-1 Hitomi Matsuida Annaka Gunma Japan 379-0224

Google Map Plus Code: 7RXM+87 Annaka, Gunma Prefecture

Easily accessible from abroad or within Japan.

Highway bus from Narita and Haneda Airport

Easily accessible from overseas as well as from within Japan. Go to Takasaki Station by train or bus from Narita Airport and Haneda Airport, then it is a 18-minute train ride to Isobe Station.

2-3 hour bus ride from Haneda Airport to Takasaki Station via Airport Limousine Bus:

3-hour bus ride from Narita Airport on the Azalea bus:


Via train from Tokyo

Option 1: Take the Joshinetsu, Nagano, or Hokuriku shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo, and get off at Takasaki Station. 18-minute local train ride from Takasaki Station to Isobe Station on the Yokokawa Line. The local train leaves only once an hour. It is best to check the train schedule on .


Option 2: Take the Hokuriku or Nagano shinkansen to Annaka-Haruna station. When purchasing train tickets, ask at the shinkansen green ticket counter to have a rent-a-car waiting for you at Annaka-Haruna station (latest pick-up is 6pm).


By car

  • 20-minute drive from the Annaka-Haruna shinkansen station.

  • 15-minute drive from Matsuida-Miyogi exit of Joshinetsu Expressway

  • Mitsuba is 1.6 kilometers from Isobe Station. There are always taxis waiting.

  • Parking lot for 10 regular-sized cars. Large vehicles: Vans, small bus, or camper cars are OK!


If you do not come by car, we recommend renting a car either at Takasaki or Annaka Haruna Station as most sightseeing spots require a car to get to easily.


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