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Renée Sawasaki
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"Storytelling English Class"

We aim to learn the four skills of [listening, speaking, reading, and writing] + the basics of Japanese and overseas culture.

English that you will acquire not for the Eiken exam but for the purpose of improving your communication skills and living in the future.

You will learn richly with imagination using books and picture books.

Please contact us if you are interested in private lessons.

Parent and child, family OK!


Meet the MRS Gunma Team 

Spa Pool Bucket

Renée Sawazaki

Chartered Inn & MRS Gunma Shungite Therapy

Hello! We support those who are wondering what to do to live a healthy and active life. First, keep a clean environment, body, and thoughts. We offer "MRS Gunma Body Power", an easy-to-understand, easy-to-support, and affordable program. Let's create a bright society with each and every happy family.


In 2016, I entered my second life and started MRS Gunma Homes & Shungite Spa with my husband for "relaxation, interaction and health" from my career in English education. In order to let everyone know more about the goodness of Gunma Prefecture, we purchased two historic houses in 2017 and repeatedly remodeled them while operating them as private lodgings. It has become available for various purposes. Therefore, my biggest dream is to have a homemade wedding and a training camp on health and education themes.


Born in California, USA in 1969. Lives in Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture since 1995.

  1. University of California, Berkeley, USA (Faculty of Economics, Minor of French) August 1987-May 1991

  2. SIT Graduate Institute, School for International Training, Vermont, USA (Master of English Teaching) June 1994-August 1995

  3. English Educator June 1991-March 2018

    • Full-time: Niijima Gakuen Junior and Senior High School, Rikkyo University, Surugadai University, Kyoai Gakuen Maebashi International University

    • Part-time lecturer: Niijima Gakuen Junior College, Takasaki University of Economics, Gunma National College of Technology

    • Research paper presentations: National Language Education Society (JALT), English Teachers in Japan (ETJ), etc.

    • Textbook publishing, etc .: Tokyo Shoseki, Sanshusha , Sanseido, Seibido Shuppan, Gakuji Shuppan, etc.

    • International Family English Assistance and Library: Wordland Literacy Center, Rainbow Families

  4. Transformation Energy Healing Principles Study and Practice under Har Holyness Cymer May 2013-Present-Integrated Western and Oriental Methodology and Practice for Therapists Obtained Intensive Course January 2014-November 2017

  5. Rainbow Kids Yoga Certified Instructor September 2016

  6. MRS Gunma Joint Management (Motoho Sawasaki & Mrs. Lenne) October 2016-Present

    • MRS Gunma Shungite Therapy

    • Chartered Miyadaiku Inn: Mitsuba House (near Isobe Onsen) & Kiyomizu House (near Minago Onsen)

    • Video guide:


Motoyasu Sawazaki

MRS Gunma, representative

Introduction of Mr. Motoho: "M" of MRS Gunma

  • Mr. Motoho is very calm and takes good care of each person.

    • Born in Gunma prefecture in 1960. Currently in Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture.

    • Graduated from Teikyo University Faculty of Law, Department of Law.

    • Office worker, 25 years

    • English Library and Storytelling Chairman, 7 years

  • 3 housekeepers for accommodation, healing and shungite sales, 2016-present

  • Shungite product development and store establishment, 2017-present

OUr Story

Asahi Shimbun Gunma Edition January 6, 2021

A woman from the United States who "loved the hearts of Japanese people" is in full swing

[A woman from the United States who

"loves the hearts of Japanese people"]

Minpaku Walker cover.jpg
Minpaku Walker Kiyomizu House 1F article

Minpaku Walker

(Kadokawa Shoten) March 2020

Gunma Television News Eye8 [Special Feature] One year from the enforcement of the Minpaku Law

July 9, 2019


 Pictorial Story of MRS Gunma's Activities 

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