🌿Private Luxury Home Rental & Shungite Spa Treatments 🌿



  • Melt your stress away during a MRS Gunma Homes getaway. 

  • Relax and socialize in a luxury home at affordable prices. 

  • Enjoy the nearby hot springs and surrounding region.

  • Create a memory to cherish for a lifetime for your wedding, retreat or vacation.

  • From 1 to 33 guests at Kiyomizu House (22) and Mitsuba House (11). 

  • One-of-a-kind deep cellular rejuvenation spa treatment.

  • Largest therapeutic-grade shungite collection in Japan.

Fast Track to Ultimate Wellbeing

MRS Gunma = Motoyasu + Renée Sawazaki in Gunma

Unleash the Power of your Potential

Super-charge your natural strength for ultimate vibrant health!

Create an active lifestyle & achieve your goals and dreams.


100% natural options for your everyday detox regimen


Truly rejuvenating vacation plans in the heart of Japan​.

Do you realize how much being tired and in a toxic environment negatively affects your health?​ Call for a free consultation to see how you can create and maintain a strong body and mind.

Introducing MRS Gunma 

Body & Mind

Cleanse & Rejuvenation

MRS Gunma Shungite Body Care

"Shungite" is known as the "Miracle Cleaner" that naturally rids your body, air, water and more of harmful toxins.

  • Some reasons why our 3,000+ customer base have chosen to incorporate MRS Gunma Shungite into their everyday lives.

    • Easily fatigued or have sleep issues.

    • Irritable. Lack of concentration. Low productivity or inability to work or study.

    • Concerned about hormonal imbalance.

    • Suffering from a car accident or sports injury.

  • Reseach-based benefits: Anti-oxydant, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-viral, protection from WiFi and electronics.

  • Therapy sessions: 30min, 1h, ½ day .... Online or in person

Best way to understand the power of

MRS Gunma Shungite is to try it!

Schedule a free consultation with Renée!

ZOOM or Facebook Messenger works great.

MRS Gunmaシュンガイトボディケア担当

Dream Vacation& Event Space

The Estates of Gunma: In the heart of Japan

Mitsuba House

Quintessential Zen Japanese Luxury Estate


  • Sacred "miyadaiku" design with all the modern touches.

  • Spacious and sparkling clean. Ideal for the pandemic times as the space is all for your group only.

  • Stunning mountain views and quaint hot spring village. 

  • Up to 11 guest・6LDK 144㎡ 

Welcome to the country manor,

Kiyomizu House


  • Nestled between a Kyoto-style Japanese garden, expansive park and river and natural hot spring spa.

  • Huge, clean space just for your group!

1F: 7 rooms・Up to 16 guests・6LDK 168㎡

2F: 6 rooms ・Up to 7 guests・6LDK 132㎡

3F: Silk Hall ・Up to 23 event guests・132㎡

  • Easy access to hiking, flower gardens, sacred sites, hands-on cultural activities.

  • Rent the entire 1F as a private home, or the castle-sized entire home for your special event.

  • Gas BBQ, patio furniture, gazebo and tent, and heater for year-round outdoor entertaining: Rain or shine! Support for catering, flowers and more for your special occasion or even wedding or honeymoon.


Meet the MRS Gunma Team 

Renée Sawazaki (澤崎 レネイ)

Private Lodging Manager & MRS Gunma Shungite Body Care Practitioner

Motoyasu Sawazaki (澤崎 基保)

MRS Gunma、President

  • Born, raised and currently residing in Gunma.

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in law and education from Teikyo University, Tokyo.

  • Over thirty years of service to society through employment at transportation companies and linens for the hospitality industry.

  • Director of Rainbow Families and Wordland Literacy Center and English Library, nine years.

  • Community youth group leader, 2 years.

  • Leader of nation-wide meditation group, Sai Maa Enlightened Living Group, 2 years.

  • Owner and President of MRS Gunma: Shungite for therapeutic use. Manager of two classic Japanese homes for private rental and healing space: Mitsuba House and Kiyomizu House. 

  • Awesome husband and father of two. 

✤  Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California (1969-1991)

✤  University of California, Berkeley: BA in Economics and Minor in French. Semester abroad in Paris and Toulon, France (1987-1991)

✤  Resided in Kyushu (1991-3), base of Koyasan, Wakakayma (1993-4), and Takarazuka, Hyogo (1995: Shaken out by the Kobe Great Hanshin Earthquake)

✤  SIT Graduate Institute (School for International Training), Vermont, USA MA in Teaching English (SMAT 13, 1994-5)

✤  Resident of Annaka, Gunma (1995-present)

✤  27 years language teaching and professional experience in Japan. Taught from pre-school to university, active in professional associations, published and edited textbooks, gave lectures and workshops, created programs and an English library, and managed a Saturday school for bilingual children. (1991-2018)

✤  One-year sabbatical in California State University East Bay’s Department of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism (April 2010 - March 2011)

✤  Studied and practiced transformational energetic healing (May 2013 - present)

✤  Rainbow Kids Yoga Instructor certificate (Sept 2016)

✤  Kiyomizu Spa Director & Shungite Consultant at MRS Gunma (April 2017 - present)

✤  MRS Gunma Shungite Body Care Practitioner (Jan 2018 - present)



  1. University of California, Berkeley, USA(経済学部、フランス語学部副専攻)1987年8月〜1991年5月

  2. SIT Graduate Institute, School for International Training, Vermont, USA (英語教授法の修士号)1994年6月〜1995年8月

  3. 英語教育者 1991年6月〜2018年3月

    • 専任:新島学園中学校・高等学校、立教大学、駿河台大学、共愛学園 前橋国際大学

    • 非常勤講師:新島学園短期大学、高崎経済大学、群馬工業高等専門学校

    • 研究論文発表:全国語学教育学会 (JALT)、English Teachers in Japan (ETJ) など

    • 教科書出版等:東京書籍、三修社、三省堂、成美堂出版、学事出版 など

    • 国際家族英語支援と図書館担当:Wordland Literacy Center、Rainbow Families

  4. ハー・ホーリーネス・サイマーのもとで変容エネルギーヒーリングの原則勉強と実践 2013年5月〜現在・セラピスト用統合的な西洋と東洋方法論と実践集中講座取得 2014年1月〜2017年11月

  5. レインボーキッズヨガ認定講師 2016年9月

  6. MRS Gunma Homes & Shungite Spa 共同経営(澤崎基保&レンネ夫妻)2016年10月〜現在

    • 施術者(シュンガイト石でエネルギーヒーリング)

    • 貸切宮大工作り宿:みつ葉邸(磯部部温泉近郊)& きよみず邸(箕郷温泉近郊)

    • Kiyomizu House & Mitsuba House video tour:

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